The designer

Who is Jonathan Søe?

Jonathan SøeMy name is Jonathan Søe and as you can probably guess from my last name, it is me who is behind Søe Home. I am an independent photographer and video producer from Aalborg. I have always been driven by the desire to create and be creative. Almost like an addiction - I can not sit still without getting 1000 ideas for new projects.

Why Søe Home?

Søe Home started in March 2017, but my romance with the posters started a few years earlier. I photographed EVERYTHING. Really everything - to get better at photography and creating incredible images. One day I took one picture which was the beginning of my poster adventure. The picture was taken in Aalborg next to the Limfjord bridge. A completely random day where I just had to try my new lens. At first glance, I created an image I simply could not get my eyes off. It became my first print "AALBORG" as a tribute to the city I was born in.


The poster was printed in a limited number and was well received by citizens who wanted to pay tribute to their city at home. With the Aalborg poster, it was the starting shot for my romance. In 2016 came my 2nd print "Silence" where I wanted to come up with my idea for a simple and minimalist interior design. 

Søe Home - The start of my creative playground ..

With the good response to the Aalborg and Silence posters, the desire became greater and greater. The desire to get an idea, create it and see it spread in the Danish country is a fantastic feeling. I wanted to do more .. I wanted to challenge myself and take my first step into the world of interior design. It turned into a whole collection of 8 minimalist stylish posters and the starting shot at Søe Home. In the documentary below you can see the exact process, my thoughts along the way and get closer to me as a person.

What happens now?

My dream came true. I created my own webshop and made a whole collection of my own photos. But that is not the end of the story at all - it is now that it begins. Søe Home is my creative free space. Here I can create what I want and the best of all is that you can never predict what will come next .. Because I can not either!

I do not follow trends. I follow my heart and my brain. 

Jonathan Søe